Forget Me Not, Stranger

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Are you ready for an epic suspense story?

Indeed, now you can gratify you inner suspense story cravings with this riveting book by Novoneel Chakraborty. The author has penned down a nail biting tale which is a part of the trilogy, ‘Stranger’. This third and final book in the trilogy, ‘Forget Me Not, Stranger’ is a book that highlights the main character Rivanah’s life as you unravel mysteries from the edge of your seat.

Rivanah is being chased by a person who is unknown to her. She suspects it to be a ghost, a person, a friend, or is it just a crazy hallucination? Fearful of her own safety, she is feeling tormented due to the fact that the identity is unknown.

Make way with Rivanah as she contemplates her life

Rivanah has a screwed up love life which is anything but stable. Rivanah is living in a big city away from her parents. She is harmless in nature just like any other typical girl. But her entire life has turned upside down ever since she is being chased by a mystery man, whose identity is hidden. She closely contemplates on many aspects of her life and finds answers to her questions.

Seek Answers to Rivanah’s questions and dig deep into the suspense

Rivanah will finally learn the answers to many of her horrific questions. She asks, “What is that force which binds her to the dead Hiya?” Moreover, the most important question still remains, ‘Who is the stranger and why is he following her?’ The book has all the answers.

The answers will bring to light an intense and mysterious climax that is surely going to take your breath away.

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