Author of the Month – Ankit Jhamb

Ankit Jhamb

Making Mistakes is Okay If You Have A Leader At Your Back!

We often do not realize the importance of a leader in our lives until we initiate learning from past mistakes. Ankit Jhamb is one of those leaders who has taken the meaning of “self-betterment” to a different level. With intense expertise and experience in human behaviour, Ankit Jhamb is a clinical hypnotherapist, wellness coach, neuro-linguistic programming & MBTI practitioner. Being a trained actor and marathon runner, Ankit Jhamb has extended his passion in shaping the lives of those who are least familiar with their selves. He is popularly known for his incredible workshops and methods revolving around human behaviour, including Psychology, Neuroscience, Spirituality.

He recently launched his third book chasing fireflies. While his last two books – lost and found at 35 and lights please still continue to hold strong on Amazon. He was under the list of the top 50 influential authors of India 2021.

We’re sure that these books will turn out as a life-changing treasures for many individuals, especially youngsters. It could be you too, so don’t miss out on reading them for valuable, deep insights.

we feel ecstatic to give accolades to Mr. Ankit Jhamb as our “Author Of The Month.” We believe people like him must be awarded for their remarkable contributions to society. RentReadBuy welcomes every author, writer, or any skill holder to come and showcase their creativity for making a difference in the world and among people’s lives.

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