Author of the Month – Ashish Anand Arya (Ichchhhit)

Ashish Anand Arya

Fly, Run, Walk Or Crawl; But Never Stop Until You Reach Your Destination!

Life is itself a cryptic mess full of some splendid and obnoxious moments. Sometimes it throws you into undesirable stuff where everything appears to be shattered. At the same time, it takes you to a symmetrical world where everything you dreamt of turns into reality. But, if you’re loyal to your passion, life will boon you with the desired endeavour in the end.

Ashish Anand Arya (Ichchhhit) is an inspiring personality who believes in manifestation and has actually taken over his true passion. After serving in the Indian Navy as an Artificer of Electrical Cadre for around 20 years, his list of participations, exhibitions, awards, and writing publications are just “Wow.” With dreams in eyes, passion at peak, fire in courage, Ichchhhit always dreamt of flying high searching for his entity. He is presently a terrific artist and a sensational book writer.

His latest publication collections “Kadam Par Aur….,” “Thodi Si Dhoop,” and “Just 56 Days + TT” are all set to skyrocket on different online book rental stores. We are sure that these publications will bring plausible inputs to your life, whether it’s change or gain. Pick them up, read and endure the world from a view that seems a little different but worthy.

We are overjoyed to announce Mr. Ashish Anand Arya as “Author Of The Month” for March. His writings are such an intrinsic motivation for every reader. RentReadBuy admires and welcomes every such personality whose contributions towards writing are idealistic.

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