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The Prince (Penguin Classics) is a political theory or essay book written by Niccolo Machiavelli and translated by Tim Parks.

This book is about princedoms. The author says that even though he has already written about republics elsewhere, this book is different. He treats republics as a type of princedom with several strengths. The book says that there is a difference between hereditary princedoms and new princedoms, noting that the former is easier to rule.

He says that one should not only consider present problems but also the future ones. Time can be evil so one must be cautious. He uses the Persian empire of Darius III to illustrate that kingdoms can be conquered but they will be difficult to hold. This book also has a chapter on the conquered free states and how land can be conquered through hard work. Even though that may seem harsh, citizens will have respect for their new rulers them because of their sincerity. Other options are conquering through someone else’s virtue or by criminal virtue through immoral deeds and torture.

He has several other chapters on judging the strength of principalities, Ecclesiastical principates, defence and military, a prince’s duties, reputation, generosity versus parsimony, cruelty versus mercy, a prince’s methods of keeping his word, avoiding contempt and hate and the prudence of hate.

The Prince (Penguin Classics) was published by Penguin UK in 2011. This book is available in paperback.

Key Features:

  • The Prince was originally titled De Principatibus (About Principalities).

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Niccolo Machiavelli, Tim Parks






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