The Elements Of Coordinate Geometry

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Key Features This book is completely revised edition for the students appearing for IIT JEE/AIEEE and other engineering entrance exams. Theory has been provided in points between each chapter for clarifying relevant basic concepts. Sample examples are provided after each topic for understanding the topic well. Exercises are shows in book Examples name (Examples I, II, III…) given at the end of every chapter, consist objective & subjective questions. To explain the Theorems/Illustrations and Properties, Point-wise explanations are given in the chapters. About the Book: The Elements of Coordinate Geometry Cartesian Coordinates Part-1 Contents 1. . introduction. algebraic results 2. coordinates. lengths of straight lines and area of triangles Polar Coordinates 3. Locus, equation to a locus 4. The straight line. Rectangular coordinates Straight line through two points Angle between two given points straight lines Conditions that they may be parallel and perpendicular Length of a perpendicular Bisectors of angles 5. The straight line polar equations and oblique co-ordinates Equations involving an arbitrary constant Examples of loci 6. Equations representing two or more straight lines Angle between two lines given by one equation General equation of the second degree 7. Transformation of coordinates Invariants 8. The circle Equation to a tangent Pole and polar Equation to a circle in polar coordinates Equation referred oblique axes Equation in terms of one variable 9. Systems of circles Orthogonal circles Radical axis Coaxal circles

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