Plane Trigonometry Part-1

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Key Features A book for the students appearing for AIEEE and Other Engineering Entrance Examinations. Theory has been provided in points between each chapter for clarifying relevant basic concepts. Sample examples are provided after each topic for understanding the topic well. Exercises are shows in book Examples name (Examples I, II, III…) given at the end of every chapter, consist objective & subjective questions. Miscellaneous examples are provided at the end of the book for more help the students. Answers are given at the end of the book. Tables of Logarithms, Natural Sines, Natural Tangents, Logarithmic Sines, Logarithmic Tangents and Radian Measure of Angles are provided at the end of the book. About the Book: Plane Trigonometry Part-1 Contents 1.Measurement of Angles; Sexagesimal and Centesimal Measure Circular or Radian, Measure 2. Trigonometrical Ratios for angles less than a right angle Values for angles of 45?, 30?, 60?, 0?, and 90? 3. Simple Problems in Heights and Distances 4. Applications of Algebraic Signs to Trigonometry Tracing the changes in the ratios 5. Trigonometrical ratios of angles of any size and sign Ratios for -?, 90?- ?, 90?+ ?,?. 6. General Expressions for all angles having a given Trigonometrical Ratio 7. Trigonometrical Ratios of the sum and difference of two angles Product Formulae 8. Trigonometrical Ratios of Multiple and submultiple of angles Explanation of ambiguities Angles of 18?, 36? and 9? 9. Identities and Trigonometrical Equations 10. Logarithms Table of Logarithms 11. The Principle of Proportional Parts 12. Relations between the Side and Trigonometrical ratios of the Angles of a Triangle 13. Solutions of Triangles Given two sides and the included angle Ambiguous case 14. Heights and Distances 15. Properties of a Triangle The Circles connected with a given triangle Orthocentre and Pedal Triangle Centroid and Medians 16. Quadrilaterals Regular Polygons 17. Trignometrical ratios of Sin ? Dip of the Horizon 18. Inver

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