Pharmaceutical Chemistry II (Organic)

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The present text “Pharmaceutical Chemistry- Organic, Vol.II” has been thoroughly revised according to the revised syllabus framed by the Pharmacy Council of India. In this revised edition,the subject matter has been reorganised incorporating application-wise classification(therapeutic, pharmaceutical,etc.) rather than the traditional chemical classification. More stress has been in explaining the medicinal and pharmaceutical terms. Students will find repetition for some medicinal compounds which find more than one application. About The Author: G. R. Chatwal is a well known writer and has written numerous book and monographs on Chemistry and Environmental Science for undergraduate and post graduate students. In his books, you will find clarity and recent developments. He took his M.Sc. degree from Roorkee University, followed by a Doctorate degree from Delhi Univeristy. He has published 20 research papers in International Journals of repute. At present he is working as a reader in chemistry in Dyal Singh College, University of Delhi, Delhi. Table of Contents Introduction to Pharmaceutical Chemistry Classification and Nomenclature of Drugs Theories of Drugs Action and Factors Drug Action Assay of Drugs and Metabolism of Drugs Relation of Chemical Structure and Chemical Activity General Anaesthetics Local Anaesthetics Hypnotics and Sedatives Anticonvulsant Drugs Opioid Analgesics Antitussive and Expectorants Psychoactive Drugs Central Nervous System Stimulants Antiparkinsonisms Drugs Adrenergic Drugs Cholinergic and Anticholinesterase Agents Antispasmodic and Antiulcer.

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