Messages From The Masters: Tapping into the power of love

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Messages From The Masters: Tapping Into The Power Of Love by Dr. Brian Weiss is a motivational book that urges its readers to acquaint themselves with their spiritual side and channelise the healing power of love to make their lives better. He takes the help of spiritual guides to deliver the message of love.

The author states that the lives of most people are not in accordance to their beliefs, and this is what prevents them from achieving happiness and a state of contentment between the mind, body, and soul. For instance, they believe in God or a higher being, but also think themselves to be standalone physical objects devoid of spirits or souls, which is in direct contradiction to their belief. He also believes that most people are unable to reconnect with their spiritual selves because they are hindered by unwanted, false fears, which prevents them from discovering the true essence of spirituality.

Amid all of these, love is a huge encompassing factor that can embrace everything and has the power of healing that nothing else has. It unites all the spheres of mind, body and soul, a has a purity that can transcend all barriers. Messages From The Masters: Tapping Into The Power Of Love suggests that the pure and healing power of love can be harnessed by everyone to triumph over negative forces in their lives such as anger, worry, fear, and depression. He uses help from spirit guides, drawing from their wisdom to provide advice on how to live a more fulfilling life.

The book was published in 2000 by Piatkus, and is available in paperback.

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