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License to Live is an inspirational thriller. It is a seekers journey towards finding greatness within. This wonderfully crafted fable is about finding the direction you are destined to head in and creating the life of your dreams. License to Live tells the tale of a successful corporate guru who enrolls herself in a seminar by one of the finest success coaches in the world. His radical training methods take her on a life-changing odyssey. A seven day seminar spread over three countries, puts her onto a journey where she is forced to look within and be her own teacher and guide, something she had done so well for others but missed doing for herself. Full of wisdom, wit and spiritual insights, you collect lessons that will change the way you lead your life forever. Discover within this fast paced fable : Surviving people you don’t understand Solving situations you seem to have no control over Finding greatness in your daily choices Listening to your own voice, following your own path Taking responsibility of your life and creating a worthwhile mission Creating a future without fear and doubt entering it Putting your past behind and standing tall in the present Living in the present and creating your life anew one moment at a time Putting an end to your fake helplessness.

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