Kingdom Of FAntasy #6 The Search for Treasure

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Take your kids to an exciting escapade with captivating adventures of Geronimo Stilton in the Kingdom of Fantasy #6: The Search for Treasure. Geronimo Stilton, the journalist talking mouse, lives in mouse city and works for the newspaper company- ‘The Rodent’s Gazette.’ Written in the autobiography form, this meek but mild-tempered mouse weaves fascinating tales of his journeys and sojourns. Originated in Italy, the series has been translated into many languages. In the sixth expedition, Geronimo finds himself back at the Kingdom of Fantasy and looks forward to carry out the Ancient Gemstone prophecy. The evil queen of the witches seeks the Royal Sapphire for herself as it would give her immense power when combined with her Royal Ruby. The entire kingdom of Fantasy is under threat. It is Geronimo Stilton mission to find both the gemstones and stop the evil witch queen. This time Geronimo will travel in disguise and would require help from his new friends. Lots of suspense, fun and adventure awaits not only for Geronimo, but also for the young readers. The book is meant for children between age of 6-12 years. This book is available in Amazon India. About the author: Elisabetta Dami has written many books for children and is best known for being an Italian children’s fiction writer and author of books for children. She was born in 1958, Milan, Italy. Later Geronimo Stilton, the title character was credited as the author of the series. Geronimo Stilton series is published by Edizioni Piemme, Milan, Italy and is one of the best-selling children’s book.

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