How the BJP wins: Inside India’s Greatest Election Machine

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Since 2014, it has been the ruling political party in India under incumbent Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The BJP is aligned with right-wing politics, and its policies adhere to Hindutva, a Hindu nationalist ideology.

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What is the secret of Modi’s mass appeal? Why didn’t demonetization harm the BJP in the 2017 UP state elections? How exactly does the RSS help during election time? Does communal incitement actually win votes? How is the party growing in the north-east? And why did Amit Shah’s brilliant election maths fail him in Bihar?

Talking to BJP insiders, members of the RSS, seasoned observers and voters, and based on extensive reportage from India’s biggest states, Prashant Jha answers these and more, dissecting the BJP’s formidable election machine with authority and insight.

Brilliantly analysed, with rare insights from both strategists and those in the front line of the electoral battles, How the BJP Wins is one of the smartest books about India’s ruling party.

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