Handbook of Physics

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The book ‘Handbook of Physics’ has been specially designed for students who are studying in classes eleven and twelve. The book can be used for multiple purposes and has proven to be very beneficial to students. The book can be used for revisions, ready references and as a comprehensive backup of contents.

Students will find that the book has covered all the concepts of Physics that students need to know in order to master the subject at the school level. Every topic also has the main and important points properly and neatly mentioned, which the student can remember. The book has been divided into thirty-six chapters, all of which cover important concepts right from Measurement, Laws of Motion and Work, up to Elasticity, Thermodynamics and Oscillations.

The chapters have been illustrated with well-designed diagrams and illustration examples. The book is a handy book, which can be used as a ready reference. It has all the physical formulae neatly mentioned that are required for students in these classes. The physical consonants, too, have been presented in a tabular form. Students can greatly benefit from the tips provided at the end of each chapter. On the whole, the data is precise and presented in a form that can help students clear all kinds of exams.


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