A History of Political Thought: Plato to Marx

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This book presents a study in political tradition from the times of Pluto to Marx. It starts from the oldest known political thought provided by ancient philosophers of Greece like Plato and Aris-totle. It goes on to Renaissance thinkers like Machiavelli from Italy. From the 18th century we get the political views of Hegel, up to the political thoughts of Marx, we get an overview and changes in the political thoughts down the ages.

It focuses on how the current Political thinkers look at classical philosophers. Are they relevant to the modern times? Thirteen key thinkers are analysed and their unique contribution of Political thinking is delineated. Rousseau, Kant, Lock, Wollestonecroft, Burke and Hobbes are a part of this treatise.

The book is intended as study material for students of Political Science at various universities. Those preparing for IAS exams may also find it useful.

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