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The nation’s language and history is forcefully changed for the benefit of the Party. A new language, Newspeak, is being compulsively implemented to ensure works that have anything to do with political rebellion are omitted. In Oceania, even rebellious thoughts are illegal and are said to be the worst of all crimes.

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Nineteen eighty-four is often referred to as one of the definitive texts of modern dystopian literature. Written in 1948,the book serves as a powerful warning against totalitarian regimes and extreme political ideologies. The pitfalls of a totalitarian regime are symbolized by “big brother” an over arching figure that dictates the lives of the citizens of oceania. Orwell penned this novel at a critical time in history, when a rise in totalitarian states had culminated in world war ii.this was the time of hitler, stalin and mussolini. It was also the dawn of the post-atomic age, a time when countries had only just come to realize the terrible and annihilating potential of the human mind. It was this socio-political clime the became the breeding ground for nineteen eighty-four. More than sixty years since it was published; nineteen eighty four still remains one of the most hauntingly terrifying portrayals of the future of mankind. Future where everything belongs to the state and on one is free.

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