Author: Sneha Jain

Importance of Life

It’s important to comprehend everything we chase for isn’t visiting be ours. Everything we conceive as our own won’t remain that way. Everything and everybody comes with a duration and a value. Hope is infectious. irrespective of what percentage miles you walk behind them it’ll cause you to walk some more. But the irony is more miles you cover – the identical distance you will have to return back alone.


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Truth Of Life

Death is the ultimate truth of anyone’s life. No one can immortal in this world. So why scared think about it, why ruin your present for it. Life is too short, so do whatever you want, otherwise one day you only regret. In our life, we saw lots of difficulties. Sometimes we overcome it or sometimes we mash-up with it. That’s not mean life is ended. Every sunrise life starts in a new way. If failure is the darkness of your life and sunrise is the success which comes surely after the darkness.

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Rejection is something not everyone can handle. Eventually, I lost myself a couple of years ago for chasing my life for someone. I wanted to believe things will change over time. Someone will understand my feelings. When I finally realized things were never going to change, my mind was full of hatred. I am a rejected person. Most of the time I got rejection it’s sometimes by my parents or my loved ones or my friends.

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ज़िन्दगी का मंत्रा

बीते बाते सोच कर खुद को उदास करने से अच्छा हैं ,
जो हैं उसी मैं खुश रहना शिकलो ।
जब लगे अकेले हो ,
जब ना मिले कोई अपना ,
ना कह सको किसी से अपनी मन की बात ,
अनजान को ही अपना बनालो ।
अकेलापन जब हद से बढ़ जाये ,
जी भर रो के मन हल्का कर लो ।
ज़िन्दगी मिलती हैं एक ही बार
गम में उसे जाया ना करो ।
अँधेरे को बना के हतियार ज़िन्दगी से लड़ो,

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One Night

I was angry with a person, myself, and the whole world. Then one night I was staying over at my relative’s place when my 5-year little cousin’s daughter caught me guilty. I was sitting at the terrace and I had tears rolling down my cheeks. She asked, “What happened?” As silly as it may sound – I confessed to her. “I’ve made a mistake. And now I can’t get over It.” she looked at me casually and said,

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