Author: Azen

After all

Nights bring back memories
Of special person in your life
Better of worst time together
Naturally, it stays in our heart
Good times we love the most
Cherish them of all
Only you will know how it feels
To love and be loved back
Don’t always happen
Yet we recover eventually
As it is,

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Unaware of god’s boon upon me
All my fulfilling days in believing self-created-wealth
The greatest license granted upon my comfort
Comes with an impact of meaningless mission

Again the law made for my being, liberty
I represent great lives to express
Of dignity, love and my offering to humankind
For my charity is the sole joy to other’s need

Not as savoury nor a foe
But the burden to my pampered immunity
Became self shutter to the window of restraint
Happy life was not written on any side of the coin

I don’t deny existing measures
Of when and how it is confronted
I make me do what I did
To desire absolutely nothing more but a snare

I battle with thanking this bounty
When my conscience collide
Not all were wrong falling for temporal
But luxurious too birth in bizarre karma

Despite turbulent interference  At the end I hold all tales of filthy pain

For each time wandered off And every desire I traded

I fear of been heard wrong
My thoughts too have become impure
As feet feeble,

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This one

Oh” her name
Rendered my heart at ease
Gives me a caring ginger breath every time I hear it
You won’t believe how lucky I am to see the magic she can offer
I do not hesitate to agree with this grace
Though I am yet to perceived the beauty of her heart
So I have wished upon every star to guide me see

It humbles my heart,

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World is Beautiful to those that see,

A pain to those that have experienced.

World is a tragedy to those that have faced,

A suffocating to those that are guilty.

World is another illusion for visionary,

A place to call Home for homeless.

World is abundance of Life,

A meaningless for the hopeless.

World is not for fun to those that believe,

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The Soul Narrative

~ The Soul Narrative

Now standing
The tall trees surrounding the road,
It’s a road less taken by travellers;
For it has it’s own story and memories,
Some of which will never be told.

But I can tell you all about it,
If you would asked me;
It’s all there,
If you could just take a closer look.
I mean that tree in yellow standing right there;

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