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Things to do in Lockdown

What this event is all about?

Inspiration can come in countless forms, so let thoughts fly out of your mind in writing a Blog that help people to be engaged in activities during the lockdown and social restrictions Things to do in Lockdown
Winning criteria and event details

The winning criteria will be based on writing your original blog (in any language) on the topic “Things to do in Lockdown”. The winner of this contest will be decided by the Number of Blogs you post to increase your chances of winning the event.

The event will open on of Posts will start from 4th June and last day to publish your blog in this event is 28th June.

Rule: Any entry before the contest start date will not be considered as a valid entry for this contest. Plagiarism is unacceptable, no word limit, no language restrictions either.

Winner Declaration: On 2nd July winners will be announced

Entry Fee: No Entry fees for this event.

Prize Money:      1st Prize: Rs. 300/-     |     2nd Prize: Rs. 200/-    |    3rd Prize: Rs. 100/-

Important: The Prize money will be submitted to the author’s RentReadBuy wallet.

Mandatory Pre-submission Guidelines for Participants

  1. Kindly do the proofreading of the content before submission.
  2. Make your post more professional by adding a featured image that echoes the sentiments of your writeup
  3. Ensure that there is no duplicity either with your own previously posted content previously posted or may raise a dispute with any others contents on RentReadBuy.
  4. There is no maximum or minimum word limit.
  5. Only approved/published blog will be considered for this event.
  6. RentReadBuy has the sole discretion of the final winners which will be transparent and based on stated criteria
  7. The author with the maximum number of Blogs posted by the individual will be considered as the winner.

Here is how you can enroll yourself for the event?

In order to enroll yourself in the event Click Here


You need to send a WhatsApp message “ENROL BTT” on RentReadBuy’s support number i.e. +91-9971028176

You will receive a confirmation message on WhatsApp regarding your enrolment.

Event date

  1. The Last date for enrolment is 14th June
  2. Event period: 4th June to 28th June
  3. Results announcement: 2nd July
  4. Prize money distribution: on or before 3rd July

How to register as a writer for Writer’s Corner

  1. Simply register here:
  2. While registering make sure that you have checked “Contribute as Writer (Writer’s Corner)
  3. You will receive an email with detailed instructions about your account details and how to write your posts on the writer’s corner.
  4. You should also receive a WhatsApp message with the same info but it is sometimes delayed due to heavy traffic on the site.

How to post on Writer’s Corner
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