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Between the sense world i perceive,
And the lines i try and read,
Beyond in realms of a broader day,
Extending a vision beyond the time.

Did i realise a beyond?
More glorious than the space and down,
An absolute that merges co mingles all,
Enveloping in a warmer hug.

Is it wisdom i yet know not?
The eternal traveller beyond the lands,
With feet on earth and love beyond.

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The Unseen Eyes

There are eyes that love and watch
Set within this heart that is me
Admonishing awaking from the duality
That leads the man to condemn and sorrow.

And alone for his sigh and wrong
Contrary to the law of his being
Coming from the cosmic mind
The creator’s head, heart and mind.

The fear of the wrongful deeds
Is our recurring end and death
Condemnation ashamed we stay
That we feel and call a sin.

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The ignorance of laws do shed the tear to flow
And all the mischieves caused in our lives divine,
And veils and causes the spark in us
A cloud as if gathers
To conceal the divinity of our lives.

The divinity when shrouded the mystery
when concealed the knowledge of things, of unity and bliss obscured
The shade of ignorance and our gloom,
We sit in it brooding of things which are not.

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The seed and the cycle

Spread out in front is the world of tree with roots and its trunk and branches,

in all directions,

in all quarters and space laden with an infinite mask.

And thus I wonder from whence has come the world of light,

the world of my play spread also as a larger tree,

And movements infinitely magnified.

From seed it rose a mighty source which hold in latency the tree,

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