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Say what you want baby

Say what you want baby ?

This heart is for you.

Say what you want baby ?

I can’t bring the moon and the stars for you but,

Can make your everyday special.

Say what you want baby ?

I can’t take you to the fairy tale land but,

Can take you to the beach and enjoy sunset there.

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Cyclone : amphan

Everything is washed away by the evil cyclone,

Rain water flooded everything,

Nature’s beauty collapsed,

Poor people lost their shelters,

Farmers lost their means of livelihood,

Even celebrities got chills down their spine by the monstrous cyclone,

Ha, ha, ha, it’s all so funny !

Until now all just sit and read in newspapers or watched,

How natural calamities destroyed and took away lives of many.

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Don’t pour every drink in the same glass

“Hey baby I love you, please be my girlfriend” said a boy.

“Excuse me!!! What made you say I love you to me? Do you even know the meaning of the line?”, said the girl.

“Who needs to know the meaning!! You’re attractive, beautiful, and sexy, that’s all I can see”, said the boy.

“Oh!!! Really!!! Am I that pretty to be your girlfriend?”, said the girl.

“Yes baby,

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Memories of the past

She was so white, so pretty,

Her old-age white hair always shone.

Every morning she was the first one to wake up.

Didn’t care of her age,

With great determination she used to do all the things neat and tidy sitting on a wheel chair,

We didn’t understand how she managed to do all the things on her own.

She made breakfast for everyone,

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Broken isn’t bad

She knows how to console herself,

She knows how to overcome her fears without him,

She learned how to survive in this world without him,

The food once she cooked for both,

Now she eats them delightfully alone,

The nights which were spent with love & care,

Now she imagines him in a dispersed figure who comes to her every night and holds her,

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