Zen Pencils: Cartoon Quotes from Inspirational Folks

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Gavin is a famous cartoonist based out of Melbourne. After a long stint in the design industry, he chose to become a freelancer. He had launched Zen Pencils in 2012 and, since then, has not looked back. His cartoon blog is very popular and has a strong following.

In this comic book, the cartoonist displays inspirational quotes in the form of a comic strip. The Zen Pencils is a unique and exciting comic that is inspired by famous and inspirational quotes. The comic takes the form of graphic stories. Readers will find quotes from Marie Curie, famous Presidents, Confucius and many other celebrities in this book. The cartoonist has the knack of turning these famous quotes into heartwarming stories that motivate and educate people. Readers will find his interpretation humorous and entertaining as well as get many opportunities to laugh in this unique book.

The book has motivational posters that are full of dramatic images. The images are fused with quotes and the comic panel looks like a fine piece of creativity. The cartoon art is simple and the energy of the author is very dynamic. The ideas chosen by the cartoonist are stimulating and are filled with never-say-die anthologies. The book has a very positive message, to rise above the ordinary and look at problems with a positive attitude.

On the whole, the collection is sparkling, invigorating and brilliant. It may serve as an ideal gift for close family, friends and even kids. Readers are sure to get impressed by his talent and unique vision.

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