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Sql Server refers to a relational database management system, whose chief function is to store and retrieve data on being prompted by other software applications. It’s necessity as a computer programme lies in its ease of accessing stored information not only from the system it is installed on but also from other computers connected over a network. Sql 2008 is an advanced version of the software which includes Structured and Semi-Structured Data support system and works towards making the process of data management more efficient.

Sql Server 2008 In Simple Steps follows a rigorous and systematic technique in its discussion of some of the most important topics on the subject. It uses step-by-step method of presenting the information and provides ample examples along with it. The examples themselves are explained in order to clarify any doubts that the reader may have.

The entire text of the book Sql Server 2008 In Simple Steps is broadly divided into 10 chapters. The opening chapter discusses the preliminary steps to get started with SQL server 2008. This is followed by an introduction to the subject. Chapters 3 onwards deals with more in-depth issues of the SQL server 2008 such as, Performing Basic SQL Operations, Performing Transact -SQL Operations, Working with Stored Procedures and User-Defined Functions, Using Triggers, Understanding Transaction, Locking, and Error Handling, Indexing, Partitioning and Resource Governance, Policy-Based Management, and SQL Server 2008 and XML.

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