Mission Gold : India’s Quest for Olympic Glory

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India’s Quest for Olympic Glory is a book for everyone who loves sports. This book searches for answers to those questions that revolve around India’s Olympic affairs. Do you know India’s Olympic history is as old as Japan’s? So, where do these two Asian economic giants stand on the all-time Olympic performance list?

Why does India fail in the Olympics? Or how much progress has India made in Olympic sports over the last 100 years? Or why does Olympic hockey’s most successful team India fail to emulate its golden days?

This book is backed by facts, history, insights and anecdotes, including that shared by athletes and coaches who continue to fight with issues that plagued Indian sports for years.

Gloom and doom apart, we have heroes and glories to cherish and a bright future to look forward to.

MISSION GOLD – India’s Quest for Olympic Glory delves deep into India’s Olympic affairs and answers questions that it raises. As you gently turn the pages, the sports that brought the country its Olympic glories will absorb your attention.

This book is a well-researched work that decodes India’s Olympic movement- the past, present and future and more. This is a book that gives you a detailed insight into pre-COVID era Indian sports. At the same time, it looks for answers to restart post-COVID sports activities.

‘Great effort… This book will surely motivate the young generation athletes.’ – Victor Amalraj, Former Skipper, Indian Football Team.

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