India and the World: A History in Nine Stories

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What is the earliest evidence of human history in India and how does that compare with other parts of the world? What was happening in India when the pyramids were being built in Egypt? What was different about Ashoka’s inscriptions when compared with the public inscriptions of other emperors? How have different civilizations pictured the divine?

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How did rulers promote themselves through grand court art and aesthetics? What have been the routes of civilizational exchange over land and sea that make India a part of the world? And have those exchanges always been peaceful? How have different countries and communities articulated their quest for freedom in recent history? Does everyone in the world perceive history and time in the same way?
Objects-be they coins, sculptures, documents or paintings-tell rich stories. India & the World accompanies a collaborative exhibition that creates dialogues between the world and India through a fascinating array of artefacts. On the one hand they reveal how different people have responded to situations in their own way, and on the other, they provide an understanding of the complex panorama of a deeply interconnected global history.

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