Handbook of General Anatomy

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This edition of the Handbook aims to meet the requirements of students of medical and dental sciences, Ayurveda, homeopathy, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, Yoga, Unani, Siddha and alternative medicine, who are newly admitted to their respective professional colleges. It thoroughly introduces the reader to the basics of human anatomy and anatomic terminology along with various structures which constitute the human body. As teaching of general anatomy lays down the foundation of the subjects of medicine and surgery with their allied counterparts, the text has been written in a simple and comprehensive language. All the chapters have been extensively illustrated by simple colour diagrams. Each chapter begins with a quotation giving a subtle meaning to the topic. A new chapter on basic genetics has been added to make the book more meaningful. Chapter on radiology has been expanded and revised by extensive addition of radio-images. A new section on biomechanics has been added in the chapter on joints, giving another dimension to the mechanism of the joints. Points to Remember given at the end of each chapter will help the student in quick revision of the topics. Self-evaluation of the learnt topics can be done by answering multiple choice questions put at the end of each chapter. The appendix on anatomical word meanings and historic names makes a rich source of information that is basic to the study of medicine. The size of the book is deliberately kept small, so that it fits into the apron’s pocket.

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