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Key Features The title of the book is inspired by Apple founder, Steve Jobs commencement speech given at Stanford University in 2005: ‘You can’t connect the dots by looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust in something…your gut, destiny, life, karma…’ Connect the Dots tells us the story of people carved a niche for themselves in different areas of business by the dint of their grit and determination, fuelled by a dream or a passion. 20 truly inspirational success stories. Written in conversational style. The author speaks to people from different parts of the country. Very inspirational and engaging. About the Book: Connect the Dots Mahima Mehra did it. Ranjiv Ramchandani did it. Kalyan Varma did it. Connect the Dots is the story of 20 enterprising individuals without an MBA, who started their own ventures. They were driven by the desire to prove themselves. To lead interesting, passionate, meaningful lives. Their stories say one thing loud and clear. You don’t need a fancy degree or a rich daddy to dream big and make it happen. It’s all in your head, your heart, your hands. About the Author: Rashmi Bansal Rashmi Bansal is a writer, entrepreneur and a youth expert. She is the author of four bestselling books on entrepreneurship – Stay Hungry Stay Foolish, Connect the Dots, I Have a Dream, and Poor Little Rich Slum. Her books have sold over half a million copies and been translated into 10 languages. Rashmi is the co-founder and editor of JAM ( Just Another Magazine). She writes extensively on youth, careers and entrepreneurship on her blog Youth Curry. Rashmi is a popular guest speaker at reputed business schools in India and the US. She mentors numerous young entrepreneurs and also conducts motivational talks and youth insight seminars for corporates. An economics graduate from Sophia College, Mumbai and an MBA from IIM Ahmedabad, Rashmi lives in Mumbai.

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