Chasing Fireflies

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2060, Delhi

It’s a love story narrated by a fancy bus stand in a city revved up by technology where two people in their 60s meet for the very first time.

Dharam, is a charismatic, stylish, dynamic, well-dressed man with a dense white beard, chiselled body, and the cigar in between his lips.

Maya, is a petite, slim, blunt lady with a chip on her shoulder and a graceful smile.

He loves golf, old music, and flirting. She loves to cook, is always immersed in her thoughts, and hates to socialize along with all kinds of pomposities.

Together they chase many fireflies, only to realize the most important one was LOVE.

Chasing Fireflies is more than a story, it is an immersive experience from the eyes of an Immortal Narrator. A narrative of love, with love, through love and most important for LOVE.

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Ankit Jhamb




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