Challenge and Strategy: Rethinking Indias Foreign Policy

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Challenging and Strategy is a book by Rajiv Sikri, a renowned Indian Foreign Services Officer who has compiled his thinking process and his ideas into this book .Through this book, Rajiv analyses the India’s foreign policy to present a clear picture of how our autonomous policy is designed to maintain our place in the 21st century global scenario. Many different national issues like economic diplomacy, energy security and interactions between diplomacy, defence and foreign organisations are being discussed in the different modules of this book.

Understand the challenges faced by the powerful Foreign Policy of India

Sikri, through the book, explains in a very lucid manner how India’s foreign policy works and this book acts as a valuable addition to your knowledge. He analyses the challenges faced by Indian foreign policy in regard to its relation with different countries, particularly the constraints that Delhi faced in pursuing all the relationships with foreign countries. Moreover, the book provides comprehensive details of the Nehru approach and all the intellectual frameworks and recommendations included within the Nehru’s policy as a balancing factor to the US.

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This book is written in a strategic manner that gives a lot of value to the freedom of diplomatic action and shows how India became an independent nation when it came to foreign policies.

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