A Thing Beyond Forever

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Some love stories are soul stories.
Dr. Radhika Sharma is what girls of today aspire to become – educated, financially independent and a woman of substance. But within, she is a broken person who is yet to come to terms with her past, her first love Raen’s sudden death.
In comes a nine-year-old patient under her treatment, who is not only infatuated with her, but also keeps asking her non-stop questions. One of those questions leads her to open Raen’s personal diary. By the time she finishes reading the diary, Radhika finds an uncanny similarity between Raen and the young patient. She finds herself in the middle of an unusual situation. One after another, shocking truths emerge, which push her to question if an unexplained attraction is the missing link between souls.
A Thing Beyond Forever is a pristine love story which digs deep into human emotions and explores the complexity of it in a soul-stirring manner.

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