Author: Manaswini Dash

Untold desire

On the way of nurturing desires

I have become a puppet to satiate others

No one aspires to bear burden and stress

As I have become the reservoir of other’s demands.

Storm comes, the violent wind blows and lightning sparks

To placate their wrath and flaunt their supreme powers

I can never empower my strength  for objection

As my freedom has been forcefully withdrawn.

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That night

I was standing alone that night

To assuage my mounted pain

To curb my unprecedented strain

In the battle of struggle  that was the single fight.

Stars were dazzling with glimmering oozes

Wind was blowing to find its destination

Touching me softly to assuage my affliction

My meticulous efforts were to explore moon’s presence.

There was ample silence and tranquility

Only leaves were happily rustling

Dews were apparently shining

Everything was like a panacea to my adversity.

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Human being is the best creation  of the world.  He has been bestowed with numerous virtues to prove his excellence. Almighty  has showered his unstinted  grace on man to do some good activities so that his creation  will get proper justice. Morality is the best ingredient for the human beings. It begates all virtues. But in the recent scenario it has become completely worthless. All are running after money,  wealth,  status, prestige,  position etc.  No one is reluctant today to kill the morality for self gain.

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It’s spontaneous that life will move on its destined way

On the way of journey life confronts with immense impediments

But still it proceeds with great spirit to convert every dream into reality

Life dismantles all obstructions with its iron hands to make every impossible into possible

Behind everything expectations act as propelling force

When expectations get identifications life seems as a pack of pleasure

But when expectations never get satisfied life congregates sorrows

So the best way to gain triumph over sorrows to kill the word Expectation.

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Amidst enormous analysis and synthesis

I have made a startling discovery that life is a reservoir of numerou miracles

After ensuing the pinnacle of success and apex of crowd

I am in love with Solitude

Every means has failed to inculcate that most aspired word peace

So, I am in quest of exploring the natural avenues to assuage my pain

I talk with night to suppress my screaming

I embrace the cold wind to soothe my inner wounds

I relish the fair light of glittering  stars to curb darkness of my life

After every search I have recognized the safest place to digest my pain

Where no one can interrupt,

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