Author: Madhuri Lad

To my girls

I have known you

For the longest of my Journey

Everytime I searched for you i saw a new throne embarked by you

All through the cold storms you emerged as the summer vibes

You reside as the bumblebee

On the one’s sunflower life and the next moment singing through the raindrops

While growing up in love

Get blowed by the Dreamland of books

You had created a belief of trust by all your misdeeds

Tangled in the process of laughter and anger

I found a little me in every you

Little dumb more soulful

You are the aura of fascination

The need,

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The Perfect We

The met awkwardly through books,

two different ends of pole but as the science says”opposite attract”

They are like the light of street’s

moves along as the rider goes on

The reason each other

smiles more thinking of

their partners words

for their mutual timing of reacting “Haaye”

The medicine he became of her stress

who came as balloon filled with love

They meet as the waves grab

the sand to pull it underneath its force

They crave to feel the spring together

under the blanket with warm

of their presence together

They fight to care more

live with their mismatched thoughts

They make themselves

“The Perfect We”

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