Author: Bhargavi Ramesh

The depth of undelivered message

The depth of undelivered message…
Every word spoken by our love was like a voice of a heart beat which leads to the feeling of completeness. Depth of feelings was the most beautiful ingredient in love and it’s became enriched when it’s intensity matched the attention of souls. Though loved ones was miles away, the moments of sweet talks echoed every seconds. Depth of love was uncountable and depth of feelings was immortal…
May someone’s love was successful but not all turned into blissful ones.

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You’re my cure..

As alike everyone not, but possibly yes!…I just love the wrong person…and as like everyone I stay way from ❤️ love ❤️…but he entered a spark ⚡️ and lighten up my darker side of soul …

He was not my first love.,
He was not even in my list.,
He had none of qualities as I wished.,
But he was cure to me..

He was perfect, good looking but I don’t want to commit to I already broken…

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Is he the one, she falling for?…

All about I know u is nothing
That nothing is route of something
That something is routine of everything
That everything is regime of nothing again….

This is based on true life incidents…
Nyna fell in love with the mysterious guy named
Rishi who was two year younger than her.
His sudden disappearance and his
Sudden mood swings made,

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